During the implementation of the Investment, a large amount of work rests on the Investor.


Therefore, as part of this service, we offer:

  • participation in the acquisition from the designer of the design and cost estimate documentation and verification of its completeness and compliance with the terms of the concluded contract,
  • preparing for approval by the ordering party the uniform content of contracts with contractors, suppliers, designers selected by the ordering party,
  • notifying the competent authorities of the commencement of the investment,
  • handing over the construction site,
  • Representing the ordering party by ongoing control of the compliance of the implementation of the investment with the concluded agreements, construction permits, design documentation and applicable Polish standards,
  • controlling the quality of work performed,
  • organizing working meetings,
  • coordination of the execution of works,
  • conducting matters related to author’s supervision,
  • current control of invoices of designers, contractors and suppliers in terms of formal content and accounting,
  • Performing partial acceptance of completed stages of works,
  • carrying out final acceptance of investments,
  • conducting all matters related to obtaining a decision on permission for use,
  • physical and financial settlement of investments,
  • handling the warranty and guarantee period.

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